[Planning] The First Step: The Date, the Venue, or the Photographer?

Which comes first?

The first thing people asked us after learning that we’d become engaged — even the very same day — was “when’s the date?” I felt like I was somehow already lagging behind when I’d had exactly zero days to simply enjoy being engaged. Plus when you’re a wedding photographer you can’t just pick a date out of thin air: there are calendars to be consulted, schedules to coordinate. When it came time to decide I had to ask myself: is choosing the date really the first step?

Maybe… but it depends on your priorities. Some couples have a specific date (usually their engagement and/or dating anniversary) that’s really important to them, so they’ll pick that day for the wedding and then let the other pieces fall into place, and plan the rest of their wedding around what’s available on that day. For others, there’s a venue that they want to get married at, so they’ll be in contact with the venue and choose one of the available dates. For me, being a wedding photography, the photography was my priority, so the first thing I did was get in touch with my first choice photographer, and we consulted our schedules together to pick the date!

If you get really lucky, once your #1 choice is locked down, you might get your number #2 as well. For us, after we scored our top choice photographer, we were fortunate that our top choice venue was free on the same weekend. The concession is that our wedding is happening slightly later in the year than I would have preferred, but ultimately, if it’s a few degrees colder out, we’ll just have to rely on love to keep us warm.

To Do:

1. Choose your top wedding priority.
2. Research your options and book the one that best suits you.
3. Smile and move on.

About Kandise Brown

Kandise Brown is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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