Friday Link Roundup

An assortment of wedding-related tips, tricks, DIYs and discussions that have been going around the internet this week:

From Offbeat Bride: an ode to the weekend wedding; why I skipped wedding photography; I’m more than a bride-to-be; 8 lessons I’ve learned about eloping;  is it possible to have a feminist wedding?; plus yours truly.

From A Practical Wedding: our house is not forever; how to find makeup and hairstylists for your wedding.

From Once Wed: Writing wedding vows for the bride, for the groom,  and doing it perfectly; how to care for your ring;  how to fake thicker lashes.

From Huffington Post: Etsy’s Handmade Object of the Week.

From CBC NewsAngry brides outside Sparkle Boutique draw police response.

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Kandise Brown is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

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